Grace Coffee Cafe Bakery


We closed our doors at grace on December 22, 2017 due to life changes and the opportunity to move forward into our next chapter of life. This is a very exciting time full of joy and endless possibilities to see where the wind blows us. We would like to thank our amazing customers for nearly 3 years of fun, food, and fellowship. 



Our Drink Menu


Make a Difference

100% of our tips go towards local and global initiatives that are making the world a better place, but we don't want it to end here. Find out how you can get involved and spread a little grace to make someone's world a little bit better.


Village Project Africa

Village Project Africa's goal is to equip women and children with the knowledge and skills they need to provide for themselves and transform their lives and communities. They provide humanitarian services such as food, clothing, education, medical care, and life skills training primarily in the village of Makutano, Kenya and its surrounding communities. To date, we have been able to sponsor 14 children and have purchased a few sewing machines through tips and all of the proceeds from their hand made bags go back directly into the mission.


Winchester Beacon of Hope Emergency Shelter

The Beacon's mission is to provide safe shelter, food, and resources towards self sufficiency for homeless members of our community and surrounding counties. They believe that all people deserve basic necessities of life and have been called to this purpose. Each month we host a meal and invite guests staying at the Beacon to come out and join us for a night of food and fellowship.


Beza threads

Beza Threads is a growing community that values the life, freedom, and worth of all people. It is estimated that there are currently 30 million slaves in the world right now and Beza Threads are focused on serving those in Ethiopia who are being abused and treated as commodities in the sex slave industry. We sell scarves that are handmade by former slaves. Their simple and transparent pricing model makes it easy to know that each scarf sold is doing something good.


Pay it Forward

Looking for a simple, easy way to share a blessing? How about pay it forward. You can purchase a drink or food for someone you know or for a total stranger. For $5 you can purchase an item and leave it up on our Pay it Forward board. If someone comes in and needs a special pick-me-up, they can grab something off the board. Maybe that person is you. It works the same way. Bless someone or be blessed.